About Me

Hello, my name is Aaron J. Klein and I am an actor, writer, director, and artist originally from Connecticut. As a theatrical artist I am committed to creating work that is rooted in complete truths.

Over the years I have developed an approach to acting through text based analysis and exploration, and practice a strong dedication and respect for the written word as the ways an actor can explore a role in the spaces "between words". 

As a playwright, I approach a script as a tool for the actors voice, and have devoted my study of playwriting to as accurately as possible portraying the many different speech patterns and rhythms of character, and believe the key to a "good script" is the ability to differentiate characters by the rhythms of speech as wells as fleshing out the subtext underneath those rhythms. 

When directing, I wholeheartedly believe that the most important aspect of the rehearsal process is exploration. I maintain the belief that for a rehearsal to go smoothly, a trust must be established between actor and director to allow for the explorative instincts of the actor to flourish, and to find the heart of the production through that exploration.

As an artist, I am steadfastly traveling down the road of improvement, and see digital illustration as a new artistic endeavor I am just beginning to explore. Simply put, it's fun. IG: @aaronjkleinart